Made for Pain Relief and Muscle Recovery


As far as I can remember, I have never been able to be fit without suffering, in my muscles or tendons. While practicing all possible sports, I knew that tight muscles were a cyclical misfortune. You could never improve your athletic performance, or maintain a healthy body. When the idea of a portable vibratory fitness device came to me, I quickly jumped at it. I wanted to design a product that was not only convenient, but rather something that would change a person's life. For us to develop this product, we converged with many fitness specialists, to ensure a flawless amount of vibration technology. We decided that Achedaway would be the best-suited title for our product(s). Regardless of your fitness level or age, I assure you that Achedaway will have a positive effect on your body's daily performance.

Achedaway products are the most affordable and beneficial products on the market, which will truly make a difference in your life.

Our Mission

Unlocking Your Body Performance is what drives our team at Achedaway. Your health goals are our goals, we don’t take those words so lightly that is why we develop tools that are value-centric to our core values and culture at Achedaway.

We want you to think of Achedaway whenever you need to relieve or recover your muscles as we stay true to that achievement.

To ensure quality. All our products have undergone lengthy tests before coming to the market, and we constantly update the functions to strive for perfection. By converging with hundreds of physical therapists, fitness specialists, and professional athletes, we aimed to ensure our products suit all people regardless of their age, gender, fitness levels and body conditions.

We have been on a journey. A few years after Achedaway Percussion Massager came out, we ushered in another major innovation, the Achedaway Cupper, aiming to be the game-changer in the cupping industry. However, our journey has just started, and new-to-the-world products will be released in the future.

Achedaway, the name entrusts our mission.