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"Achedaway Cupper is so smart that it perfectly customizes your own needs", Patrick Norris, a great mobility physiotherapist, has been applying Achedaway Cupper in his physical therapy practice since 2021, "It helps me save more time and make more money."


dynamic cupping

The rhythmic alternation of suction and release boosts blood circulation and speeds up recovery. It offers 5 suction modes with 5 intensity levels, relieving muscle tightness in a decompressive way.


red light therapy

The infrared rays can easily pass through the skin and cause thermal reactions to muscles and subcutaneous tissues, playing a good role in inflammation reduction and metabolism acceleration.


app control

Achedaway App customizes the cupping time from 1 sec to 12 mins and maximally control 6 Cuppers at the same time, which almost frees your hands except for a couple of simple touches on the phone screen.

Best investment for massage businesses

Traditional cupping has its limitations regarding pressure level, retaining time and suction mode. Achedaway Cupper is not only a great choice for non-professionals to enjoy cupping at home but also a perfect aid for commercial uses. Lots of feedback from professional therapists say their patients and clients love the incredible feeling of using Achedaway Cupper, which helps them save more time and earn more money.

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Testimonials from professional therapists

"It was a pleasure. I feel a lot better!" said Wilson Chandler, the American professional basketball player who enjoyed Achedaway Cupper therapy from Patrick Norris

Patrick Norris

"Cupper takes your cupping experience to an entirely different dimension," said the therapists in BLACK ROSE massage center. “Achedaway Cupper is the future of cupping!”

Emily Payne LMT

"It's time to relax your back", Dr Brittni J. Millar, an experienced chiropractor from Palmer College of Chiropractic West," Cupper is an easy solution for back pain relief"

Brittni J. Millar

"So impressed by the tech that's gone into Achedaway Cupper", said the owner of Next Stage Injury Therapy, "Never loses any suction power. This is a must-buy for me for any therapist"

Adam Galligan

The Best Tool For Bodyworkers

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Make Clients Feel Better

cupping smarter , recover faster !

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